Lockout Tagout Hasp - Tag Combo | 7102

Lockout Tagout  Hasp - Tag Combo | 7102

Zing Green Products

$ 15.26 
SKU: 7102

ZING Hasp/Tag Combo secures switches, valves and other energy devices from use while equipment is being serviced or repaired. The device is made in the USA from recycled plastic, and measures 7"L x 3"W. The closed hasp hole measures 1". The device features pry-resistant tabs for extra security, and accommodates up to 6 padlocks with shackles up to 3/8" diameter. The device includes a "DANGER, EQUIPMENT LOCKED OUT, DO NOT OPERATE" label, with space for personalization.

Hasp/Tag Combo is UL Validated for recycled content, and supports sustainability initiatives and LEED credits.

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