Red Tag Holding Area Floor Marking Kits | WFK10

WFK10 National Marker Red Tag Holding Area Floor Marking Kits

National Marker Company

$ 54.87 

Floor Marking Kits flexibility and compliance in one peel-n-stick sheet. Pre-cut floor sign kits help keep areas in front of fire extinguishers, electrical panels, emergency showers/eyewash stations, and any other equipment free and clear of obstructions.  Includes eight piece pre-cut border and 12” x 12” diamond floor sign. Available with non-slip textured or smooth over-laminate. Four configuration options to meet your unique needs. Custom messages available. 12+ month use. For extra adhesion to ensure edges stay down, use edge sealer (part no. WFSGUARD, sold separately).

  • Model Number: WFK10
  • Wording: Emergency Equipment Do Not Block
  • Size: 36" x 24"
  • Materials: Smooth Over-Laminate Adhesive Material or Non-Slip Textured Adhesive Material
  • Manufacturer: National Marker Company

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