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EXIT: Single and Double Sided Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs (7040B, 7042B) By Jessup

$ 88.40

Glo Brite Eco Exit Zero Energy Exit Signs These non-electric, photoluminescent exit signs absorb and store energy from ambient light, requiring no electricity or batteries, and are immediately visible in dark

Glo Brite P50 Exit Signs (PF Series)

  • Model Number: 7040B and 7042B
  • Wording: EXIT Double Chevrons
  • Size: 8.5" x 17.5" x .075"
  • Manufacturer: Jessup Manufacturing
  • Visible at 50 Feet
  • Formal, front office apperance
  • Listed for LED lighting
  • Listed to UL 924
  • NFPA Life Safety COde 101
  • 2009/2012/2015 IBC/IFC Compliant
  • Designed for surface, flag, or ceiling mounting
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Life Expectancy 25+ Years

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