Arrow Plant Marking Stencil | PMS221

Arrow | Plant Marking Stencil For Walls and Floors | 24 Inch x 24 Inch | .060 Polyethylene Plastic | PMS221

National Marker Company

$ 94.51 

Plant Marking Stencils paint your message or symbol over and over again on floors and walls. These stencils are designed to withstand repeated use, are easy to clean, and conform to various flat and curved surfaces. You can even create your own unique message with our selection of individual number and letter stencils.

  • Model Number: PMS221
  • Wording: Arrow
  • Size: 24" x 24"
  • Manufacturer: National Marker Company

.060 heavy-duty polyethylene designed to conform to various flat and curved surfaces. 
Designed to withstand repeated use.  Easy to clean; simply remove dried paint flakes after use

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