Dry Zone Shadow Board, Combo Kit, Blue/Red, 68 X 30, ACP, GENERAL PURPOSE COMPOSITE

Dry Zone Shadow Board, Combo Kit, Blue/Red, 68 X 30, ACP, GENERAL PURPOSE COMPOSITE


$ 735.38 

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Dry Zone Cleaning Station Combo Kits supports your 5S program. Eliminating wasted time,  frustration, avoid cross-contamination and motion searching for missing tools. Improve the safety of your workplace and contribute to employee engagement through a tidy, organized work environment. Ideal platform for building a workplace that€š¬s engaged with 5S and promotes employee participation.

  • Model Number: SBK130
  • Size: 68" x 30"
  • Colors: Blue/Red
  • Materials: General Purpose Composite, Industrial Grade Aluminum, and Pro Series Acrylic
  • Manufacturer: National Marker Company

Combo Kit Includes*:

  • 1 - 12 Vikan® Angle Broom, Extra Stiff & 51 Inch Handle
  • 1 - 24 Vikan® Combo Push Broom, Soft/Stiff & 59 Inch Handle
  • 1 - Vikan® Dust Pan
  • 1 - Vikan® Bench Brush, Soft
  • 1 - Vikan® One-Piece Shovel, 14 Inch Blade

    *By default, combo kit includes BLUE tools. Additional tool colors are available, contact us for details prior to order.

    General Purpose Composite

    • Basic maintenance and janitorial usage
    • Dual-layered aluminum with plastic core
    • 50% lighter than Aluminum Grade
    • Temperature range of -60° to 180°F
    • Features anti-static properties
    • Protected with Sign Muscle®

    Industrial Grade Aluminum

    • Great for industrial, manufacturing & construction usage
    • Superior strength & rigidity
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Temperature range of -40° to 250°F
    • Protected with Sign Muscle®

    Pro Series Acrylic

    • Designed for food processing and wash down environments
    • Subsurface ink will not chip, peel, or deteriorate
    • Pressure washable
    • Temperature range of -30° to 190°F
    • Antimicrobial properties

    Safety Signs Protected By Sign Muscle A Clear Laminate To Protect Your Safety Signs From Graffiti, Chemicals, and Weather.