Ergodyne Blue Chill-Its® 6716 Cotton/Polymer Hard Hat Liner

Ergodyne Blue Chill-Its® 6716 Cotton/Polymer Hard Hat Liner


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The Chill-Its® 6716 Evaporative Cooling Hard Hat Liner straps into hard hats to deliver four hours of Cooling relief. The Low-Profile and Lightweight liner features cooling acrylic polymers for instant cooling without bulk or slime, making it comfortable to wear with hard hats. This hard hat sweatband fits most hard hats and safety helmets, easily and securely attaching to the forehead of the suspension with three hook and loop closures. Heat-related illness continuously ranks among the top causes of worksite accidents and fatalities. Evaporative cooling technologies such as polymer crystals are a simple, effective and comfortable solution for heat stress prevention. Similar to how sweat cools the body, evaporative technologies use an external water source to draw heat away—helping to regulate body temperature while providing cool relief. When activated, this cooling hard hat pad is comfortable and refreshing for even the hottest days of the year.


  • Instant Cooling Relief - Polymer Cooling Technology quickly activates for up to four hours of relief from the heat
  • Fits Most Hard Hats and Safety Helmets – Hook and loop closures securely attach to forehead of suspension
  • Low-Profile – For no-bulk wear with hard hats
  • Comfortable – 100% cotton
  • Reusable – Simply re-wet to reactivate cooling
  • Hand Wash – Hand wash and hang in open air until completely dry


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