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Harmful Irritant Graphic, National Marker, GHS206AP, 2"x2", Black Red and White, .0045" Self Adhesive Vinyl, GHS Labels - 5 Per Pack

$ 3.42

GHS206AP National Marker HARMFUL IRRITANT GRAPHIC 2X2 Self Adhesive Vinyl Red Black And White GHS Labels 5 Per Pack. Ideal to alert employees and guests when a hazard is present at your facility. 

Globally Harmonized System Pictograms
Use GHS Symbols to convey information about health, physical, and environmental hazards.

Regulation Paragraph f
"Labels on shipping containers...shall be provided: Product identifier; Signal word; Hazard statement(s); Precautionary statement(s), and Name Address, and telephone number of the chemical manufacturer...The employer shall not remove or deface existing labels on incoming containers"

Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl

.004 material has pressure sensitive adhesive backing and is flexible, which allows for mounting on smooth, curved or irregular surfaces. The material is long-lasting for indoor and outdoor labeling.

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