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No Smoking: 2-View Projection Glow Sign (GLTV9) By National Marker

$ 30.51

2-View 90 Degree Projection Glow Sign A simple sign is often the most effective. Post this 2-view sign, with its uncomplicated text and graphic, to prevent smoking in your building.

2-View Signs

  • Model Number: GLTV9
  • Wording: No Smoking
  • Sizes: 10" x 8"
  • Materials: 6 Hour Glow Rigid Plastic
  • Manufacturer: National Marker Company

6 Hour Glow Rigid Plastic
.050 material is a combination of polyester film applied to rigid polystyrene. This material is non-toxic, nonradioactive and glows for more than 6 hours in total darkness. This product exceeds the following standards: ASTM, IMO, ISO/CD, NFPA and OSHA. Signs are standard with radius corners and pre-drilled corner mounting holes.

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