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Do Not Use Water On Fires In This Area: No Header Signs (M413) By National Marker Company

$ 6.89

No Header Signs Encourage safe practices within your facility! Using water on fires in certain areas can be dangerous, so make people aware of this potential hazard using this bold red and white sign.

No Header Signs

  • Model Number: M413
  • Wording: Do Not Use Water On Fires In This Area
  • Size: 7" x 10"
  • Materials: Adhesive Vinyl
  • Manufacturer: National Marker Company

Adhesive Backed Vinyl
.004 material has pressure sensitive adhesive backing and is flexible, which allows for mounting on smooth, curved or irregular surfaces. The material is long-lasting for indoor and outdoor labeling.


Signs Protected By Sign Muscle A Clear Laminate To Protect Your Signs From Graffiti, Chemicals, and Weather.

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