Speed Limit 30 Traffic Signs | TM156

TM156 National Marker Traffic Signs Speed Limit 5

National Marker Company

$ 108.58 

Traffic Roadway Signs All traffic signs on roadways where the public has access, such as shopping centers, condominiums, hotels, hospitals etc., must conform to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). They must meet the color, size, design, reflectivity and installation standards.

  • Model Number: TM156
  • Wording: Speed Limit 30 Traffic
  • Size: 24" x 18"
  • Materials: .080 Reflective Aluminum, .080 High Intensity Reflective Aluminum
  • Manufacturer: National Marker Company

.080 Engineering Grade Reflective Aluminum
Reflective (Type I) is 100x brighter than non-reflective signs, which makes it ideal for parking lots and driveways, and can be seen at 500 feet away with 2 center post holes 

.080 High Intensity Reflective Aluminum
(Type III) is 3x brighter than EGP and can be seen from 1000 ft. away in the dark making it the recommended choice for Street Signs, Roadway and Traffic, Work zones, and some Parking Lots. This exceeds specification ASTM D 4965-04 Type III, and meets MUTCD requirements. 2 center post holes.

Signs Protected By Sign Muscle A Clear Laminate To Protect Your Signs From Graffiti, Chemicals, and Weather.

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