Green@Work Signs

ZING Green@Work® Signs encourage waste reduction and energy-saving habits. Standard 7H” x 10”W signs are recommended for most viewing applications. 5”H x 3”W mini-signs work particularly well above light switches and water taps. 10”H x 14”W signs are recommended for large, open areas, where longer viewing distances are expected.
Signs include adhesive mounting pads.

ZING Green@Work® Posters rely on these unique, informative and fun posters to reinforce green work habits. All posters are 22”H x 16”W and are printed on high-quality, tear-resistant recycled plastic. Made in the USA.

ZING Green@Work Labels clearly mark recycling containers. The eco-friendly self-adhesive labels can be applied directly to recycle bins, trash receptacles, and walls. Signs are sold 5/pk.


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