Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comFire safety begins with proper planning and training in the workplace. All employees should be trained on fire hazards and know what to do during a fire emergency, per OSHA. Ensure those in your workplace know how to store combustible products like cleaners, plan for a quick and thorough cleanup of any flammable chemical spill, and know how to handle flammable waste. Ensure your workplace is well-informed by mounting Fire Safety Signs in your facility.

Fire Safety Signs promote a safe environment and must be posted in conspicuous locations for all to see. In the event of a fire, a sign that reads FDC (Fire Department Connection) can help the fire department extinguish the fire quickly by connecting a hose line from a pumper truck to the FDC. Fire Exit, Fire Extinguisher, NFPA 170 pictograms and Fire Door Keep Closed provide a few life-saving instructions and must be acknowledged in order to keep you safe.