Safety Signs

Proper use of safety signs is an effective way to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Additionally, new safety signs can help keep employees' attention on essential messages designed to improve safety. 

Safety signs in the workplace are so effective, they are regulated by both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These organizations have established rules and regulations to ensure safety signs are easily identifiable, relevant, and posted in appropriate workplace locations.

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5S Red Tag Area Signs


Active Threat Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comActive Threat Signs


ANSI Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comANSI Z535
Comply with ANSI Z535.2 standards and regulations for workplace safety by selecting a stock message. Can't find what you're looking for? Completely customize your message to promote safety.

Chemical Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comChemical Signs
Chemical Signs can help properly mark hazardous materials and avoid injury or worse, because chemical hazards are often in and around every workplace. Some chemicals are visible to the eye and some dangers are clearly invisible. Mixing chemicals can be poisonous and ultimately result in death. That's why it's critical that chemical signs are posted throughout facilities to alert others of such hazards.

Protect your employees and reinforce safe practices by communicating the type of substance or the risks associated with the chemical on your sign. Place Signs on doors to limit access to authorized personnel only. Mount signs to buildings to communicate no smoking or open flame. Keep others safe and avoid the unexpected with the appropriate Chemical sign.

Confined Space Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comConfined Space Signs
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 states "Confined space means a space that: (1) is large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work; and (2) Has limited or restricted means for entry or exit (for example, tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, and pits are spaces that may have limited means of entry.); and (3) is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

Construction Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comConstruction Signs
The construction industry is a high hazard profession and requires workers to adapt to ever-changing locations and working environments. Many construction workers are working with various power tools, at different heights, and in ever-changing working conditions. Workers need visual cues to be informed of hazards. That's why construction safety signs must be posted throughout a construction site to inform workers of possible dangers.

CSA Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comCSA Signs
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has developed a consistent design that's easily recognizable for French and English workers to understand. The signs incorporate a simple message and a pictogram that is quickly identifiable - even by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Research shows that companies that have implemented a uniform system of signs and colors, have a significantly lowered injury rate in the workplace. Keep others safe by posting highly recognizable CSA Signs in appropriate areas in your plant, workplace, or facility.

Decibel Meter Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comDecibel Meter Signs
According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 22 million people are diagnosed with an occupational hearing loss per year. Most of this is preventable with proper ear protection. Although most people know that constant noise relates to hearing loss, not everyone always wears hearing protection, and some noises that cause hearing issues are not even audible to the human ear.

This is why hearing protection and decibel meter signs are extremely important. They can warn people that the noise in an area is dangerous faster than a decibel meter can.

Eco Danger Caution and Notice Signs | www.signslabelsaandtags.comEco Safety Signs
Eco Safety Signs protect people and our environment. Signs are available in three sustainable formats: 94% recycled aluminum, 70% post-consumer recycled plastic, or recycled self-adhesive. Aluminum and plastic signs have pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. Plastic signs also include adhesive mounting pads.

Electrical Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comElectrical Signs
Electrical Signs are important to all industries, because high voltage equipment, battery charging and storage areas, wiring, and switches, all pose risk to workers. Electrical hazards are one of the greatest workplace safety threats to workers. Although most workers are aware of the general danger of electrocution and electrical shock, many workers are unaware of the specific electrical hazards present in their daily work environment, making them more vulnerable to these dangers. Safety signs must be placed around electrical areas to give notice of electrical shock hazard risks.

Emergency Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comEmergency Signs
During an emergency, people turn to signs to help guide them to safety. Where are the nearest emergency exits, first aid kits, or tornado shelter locations - these are questions that need to be answered right away during a crisis. Ensure others can quickly locate live-saving information during urgent situations by placing Emergency Signs throughout your facility.

Train employees on the nearest evacuation routes and inform your employees who they need to report to during an emergency situation. Place Emergency Signs in conspicuous locations for quick references. Products such as Glow-In-The-Dark Evacuation Maps, Glow Fire Extinguisher Projection Signs, and Lighted Emergency Exit Signs provide a source of light when disasters strike.

Equipment Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comEquipment Signs
Stay informed and alert when dealing with hazardous workplace equipment. Signs and Labels are available from Accuform to address every safety concern associated with industrial equipment.

Browse to find Equipment Signs and Labels for operations hazards, elevator & escalators, start and stop switches, and more. Signs and Labels adverting personnel of necessary PPE and communicating maintenance and repair work are also available here.

View a comprehensive selection of informative and OSHA compliant Equipment Signs and Labels that help keep workers safe and aware when working with all kinds of equipment.

Exit Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comExit Signs
When seconds count and you need to exit quickly - don't get stuck inside because you can't find the exit sign. Per OSHA Standards 1910, "Each exit route must be adequately lighted so that an employee with normal vision can see along the exit route and each exit must be clearly visible and marked by a sign reading "Exit."

Ensure others can promptly locate all Exits with Exit Signs. Mount Glow-In-The-Dark Exit Signs so others can read your message during a power outage. Inform visitors and employees the direct of the emergency exits with arrows printed on the Exit Signs. Place No Exit signs on doors in hallways leading to exit and eliminate confusion.

Fire Safety Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comFire Safety Signs
Fire safety begins with proper planning and training in the workplace. All employees should be trained on fire hazards and know what to do during a fire emergency, per OSHA. Ensure those in your workplace know how to store combustible products like cleaners, plan for a quick and thorough cleanup of any flammable chemical spill, and know how to handle flammable waste. Ensure your workplace is well-informed by mounting Fire Safety Signs in your facility.

Fire Safety Signs promote a safe environment and must be posted in conspicuous locations for all to see. In the event of a fire, a sign that reads FDC (Fire Department Connection) can help the fire department extinguish the fire quickly by connecting a hose line from a pumper truck to the FDC. Fire Exit, Fire Extinguisher, NFPA 170 pictograms and Fire Door Keep Closed provide a few life-saving instructions and must be acknowledged in order to keep you safe.

First Aid Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comFirst Aid Signs
Inform employees and visitors of workplace first aid and safety practices. Help save critical seconds during a workplace emergency.

General Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comGeneral Signs
OSHA And ANSI Header Signs

HazMat Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comHazMat Signs
Employees have both a need and right to know the hazards of the chemicals they are exposed to when working, per OSHA. Employers must take protective measures to prevent dangerous situations from occurring and signs are required to be posted throughout all business that involves chemicals of any kind.

The HCS (Hazardous Communication Standard) requires informational signs for both physical hazards, such as flammability and health hazards such as irritation, lung damage, and cancer to be posted throughout a workplace.

Stay compliant and keep others safe with Hazmat signs that inform and protect. Communicate biohazards, cancerous hazards, explosives, combustibles, flammable chemicals and potable and non-potable water with an effective message on a material that's suitable for the environment.

Housekeeping Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comHousekeeping Signs
Keep your company building organized with housekeeping signs. Posting housekeeping signs around your place of business is the best way to warn employees of potential hazards and maintain good organization. Investing in housekeeping signs is a good way to optimize company productivity. Browse our selection today to find the signs you need.

Incentive and Motivational Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comMotivational Signs
The culture you create in your workplace will have a huge effect on your employees. In fact, employees are more receptive to positive messages about safety and perform better with inspirational messages, then without.

Personal Protection Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comPersonal Protection Signs
Encourage employees to protect themselves on the job by reminding them to wear their Personal Protective Equipment before they start work. Even the best employees occasionally need a reminder. Clear and proper PPE signs in the facility inform employees and visitors of hazards in the workplace and alert employees to wear their personal protective equipment for ear protection, eye protection, head protection, shoes, respirators etc. PPE signs should be placed where they are clearly visible to everyone. A good spot for a PPE sign is on the door, or in a highly visible location on the wall.


Restriction Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comRestriction Signs
Restrictions protect people from entering into potentially dangerous zones. By limiting access or deterring people and/or items from entering a building, street, or any public place, others are protected from harm and remain safe.

Post Restriction Signs to inform and protect visitors and employees from entering into potentially dangerous situations. Some Restriction Signs communicate laws governed by the state you live in, such as Concealed Weapon Signs, while others permit No Smoking or Alcohol in specific locations. Other examples of signs that limit access are Do Not Enter, Authorized Personnel Only, Keep Out, and No Trespassing allowed.

Smoking Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comSmoking Signs
Prevent others from smoking in restricted areas by posting Smoking Signs in and around your workplace or facility. With Smoking Signs, others are well-informed of company policies, designated smoking areas, and potential hazards when the air becomes contaminated with smoke. Ensure others can breathe clean air and your building is protected against fires by posting Smoking Signs.

Place Smoking Signs in conspicuous locations so others can clearly recognize smoking regulations. With Smoking Signs, visitors and employees are informed of safety precautions in place to keep them safe from serious explosives caused from smoking in restricted areas.

Specialty Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comSpecialty Signs
Signs are the best way to convey safety messages to workers and customers in your place of business. When you have unique needs in terms of signage, Accuform can provide you with specialty signs to get your message across. Specialty signs can be customized by size, color and material. Changing the way the signs are made allows you to communicate important information to more people, such as blind workers or customers when you use tactile specialty signs.

Specific Hazards | www.signslabelsandtags.comSpecific Hazard Signs
Take the necessary steps to alert your staff of radiation health hazards. Unprotected exposure can lead to serious health issues. Our selection of radiation warning signs and restricted area radiation signs can be posted near entrances, equipment, and radioactive material storage to alert staff and guests.

Industrial Traffic Signs | www.signslabelsandtags.comTraffic Industrial Signs
line of traffic safety signs help remind drivers of various safety precautions to ensure everyone in the area is safe from possible injury. This category of signs include truck wheel chock signs, truck and delivery signs, clearance level signs, and other miscellaneous instructions for drivers.