Green Safety Products

The Zing® story begins in 2009. As I walked past an ordinary “Recycle Aluminum Cans Here” sign, I was suddenly struck by the irony of the situation. The message was promoting environmental awareness, but the sign itself was made out of environmentally harmful materials. I decided I would work to resolve this inconsistency. Why not, I thought, make recycling signs out of recycled materials? This way, we could advocate a greener, healthier world and operate according to those same principles
We began with Green@Work Signs, then moved into OSHA Safety Signs, Traffic & Parking signs, Lockout Tagout products and GHS/HazCom products. They are all high-quality products made from sustainable materials. We pride ourselves on using high recycled content materials and have earned an independent green validation from UL Environment.

Our products are designed for socially conscious buyers as well as safety professionals who just want superior products. Thank you for joining Zing® on our journey to do our small part as responsible corporate citizens. We are very much appreciative of your support.

Green Safety Signs Green GHS-HazCom Green Lockout Tagout
Green Safety Supplies
Green Safety Signs Green GHS-HazCom 

Green Lockout Tagout

Green Safety Supplies

The Advantages of buying ZING® Green Safety Products:

ZING® products are manufactured with high-quality, recycled materials. The materials in our products are diverted from landfills, thereby reducing pollution, waste, and bottom line costs.

ZING® Green Products help companies reach their certification goals. This includes LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an organization that encourages green building design and facility maintenance.

  • ZING® Green Products support corporate and community stewardship.
  • ZING® product designs ensure worker safety and safety compliance in the workplace.
  • ZING® prices are competitive with traditional safety products.
  • Over 90% of the ZING product line up is Made in the USA.

UL VALIDATED "The Mark Of Green Assurance"

Nearly all ZING products are UL Validated for recycled content. UL is a 3rd party organization that confirms higher levels of recycled materials in products as well as compliance with various green codes, standards, and procurement policies.

UL Environment brings credibility and transparency to the green marketplace. This protects the buyer from green-washing, a marketing tactic in which a product’s eco-friendliness is exaggerated. To learn more about green-washing visit our website and read the Green-washing Report, a study by TerraChoice which found that 95% of all green claims are misleading. There is NO green-washing at Zing!

Why Green Safety Products?
Our world has a limited amount of resources. As modern society continues to expand and new demands are made on our resources, sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important. In order for future generations to enjoy a high standard of living, actions need to be taken now.

Thankfully, implementing a green products program is much easier today than in the past. Mainstream distribution now has a wide variety of sustainable products to choose from. This is especially true in the safety industry, where ecofriendly traffic signs, PPE, lockout/tagout equipment, and many other products are readily available. Recycled and sustainable products meet the same rigorous performance requirements as traditional safety products, and are priced competitively. Green safety products combine functionality and performance with social responsibility.

Green Certifications
Most ZING Green Safety Products are UL Validated. Validation is based on:
All ZING Products support LEED Certification Credits in the following categories:

Recycled Content
UL Environment validates the post-consumer, post-industrial or total
recycled content of a product.

Landfill Waste Diversion
UL Environment validates a company’s waste diversion claims.

Existing Building Operations & Maintenance Materials & Resources:
1.1-1.3 Sustainable Purchasing: Ongoing Consumables
2.1-2.2 Sustainable Purchasing: Durable Goods

New Construction:
4.1-4.2 Material Resource Credits: Recycled Content

Commercial Interiors:
Materials Resources credits 4.0 Recycled Content and 6.0 Rapidly Renewable Materials