Custom Reverse Engraved Signs

Reverse Engraved Signs have a smooth surface that prevents tampering

Custom Reverse Engraved Signs To order, specify:
• Quantity, legend, and colors
• Edge: Straight or Beveled
• Corner: Square or Rounded
• Mounting method:
   Foam Tape, 3M Adhesive backing,
   Mounting Holes or None
• Sign frames available.
Size Max# of Characters
1"x6" 1 Line - 12 Characters
1"x8" 1 Line - 18 Characters
1"x10" 1 Line - 24 Characters
1"x12" 1 Line - 27 Characters
2"X10" 1 Line - 19 Characters
2"x12" 1 Line - 22 Characters
2"x14" 1 Line - 24 Characters
3"x10" 1st Line - 19 Characters if 2nd Line 22 Characters
3"x12" 1st Line - 22 Characters if 2nd Line 25 Characters

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