Danger Do Not Operate Lockout Tags | JMTAG2

Danger Do Not Operate Lockout Tags | JMTAG2


$ 31.76 

Use Lockout Tags to prevent accidental or unexpected start up or release of stored energy when working on equipment and machinery. Stock products are available in unrippable vinyl, encased lamination, or €˜jumbo€™ self-laminated tag material.

  • Model Number: JMTAG2
  • Size: 7.38" x 4"
  • Material: Self Laminated Card Stock Tags

Self Laminated Pulp-free tags have no wood pulp or paper content, unlike standard cardstock tags, and are available at an economical price. Poly-based tags will not crack, distort, or shrink and can be used for applications indoor and short-term outdoor.