Eco Brite Red Exit Sign Indoor or Outdoor Single or Double Sided | Each

Eco Brite Red Exit Sign Indoor or Outdoor Single or Double Sided | Each

Zing Green Products

$ 200.42 
SKU: 7401

Eco-Brite exit sign provides powerful illumination without an electrical power source. Photoluminescent technology absorbs and stores ambient light, so that signs remain dependably visible during power outages or smoky conditions. ZING’s Eco-Brite exit sign is visible from 100 feet. Illuminated exit signs prevent injuries and promote orderly egress during emergency situations. The sign is made in the USA from recycled plastic, which supports sustainability initiatives and LEED credits. The glow-in-the-dark design also saves on maintenance and electricity costs.


• Sustainable design: no energy consumption

• No bulb or battery replacement needed

• Can be charged with LED light

• Non-toxic, non-radioactive

• No disposal costs

• Can be surface, flag, ceiling or conduit mounted

• Easily movable if egress path changes

• Thin, space-saving design

• Consistent, uniform illumination

• Visible from 100ft .

• Recyclable

• Supports LEED credits


• Size: 15.5” x 8.75” x 0.75”

• Letter size: 7” height, 7/8” letter stroke

• Illumination: high visibility green

• Rated viewing distance: 100 feet

• Two removable directional chevrons included

• ABS plastic with photoluminescent panel

• Explosion-proof • 25+ years life expectancy

• Before installation it must be determined that there is a minimum of 5 Fc of LED, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light on the face(s) of the sign at all times during building occupancy. Included chevrons can be removed for directional applications as needed.