Handicapped Reserved Parking Sign Kit With Post/Base | 7454

Handicapped Reserved Parking Sign Kit With Post/Base | 7454

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Zing Sign Kit Bundle, "Handicapped Reserved Parking," features a recycled aluminum sign, a galvanized steel signpost, and a recycled rubber sign base.

Zing Traffic and Parking Signs are made in the USA from recycled aluminum, and feature 3M Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting

Zing's Signpost Base holds parking, traffic, and policy signs firmly in place. The base is made in the USA from recycled tire rubber, and supports sustainability initiatives and LEED credits. The recycled rubber construction is weather-proof and virtually maintenance free. The base will not rust, crack, chip, crumble, or corrode, and the aerodynamic design is resistant to strong winds. No sand or water is required! The 72 lb. base can be easily tipped and rolled to new locations when necessary.

Zing's Galvanized Steel Signposts are sturdy, durable, and rust-proof. The posts measure 5" H x 1-3/4" W. All four sides feature 3/8" diameter mounting holes spaced 1" apart along the center of the post, which allows customers to adjust the height of the sign. Two signs can be mounted on opposite sides of the same post.