Left Arrow - Available in Different Materials - Eco Parking Signs

Left Arrow - Available in Different Materials - Eco Parking Signs

Zing Green Products

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Parking Sign, "Left Arrow" clearly communicates parking policy. The sign is made in the USA from 99% recycled aluminum, and is UL Validated for recycled content. The sign measures 6"H x 12"W, and is pre-drilled for easy mounting. Two grades of reflective sheeting are available:

3M Engineer Grade Prismatic sheeting is recommended for commercial signs and non-critical traffic signs, such as parking and way-finding signs. This sheeting meets ASTM Type I specifications, and has an outdoor life expectancy of 5-7 years.

3M High Intensity Prismatic sheeting is highly reflective, and recommended for use in traffic, road, construction, and regulatory signs. High Intensity Prismatic sheeting meets ASTM Type III and ASTM Type IV specifications, and complies with the FHWA Minimum Retroreflectivity standard. The outdoor life expectancy is 10 years.

The sign is compliant with MUTCD standards. All Zing signs are made in the USA from recycled materials, and support sustainability initiatives and LEED credits.