1993 Combustible Liquids USDOT Placard Removable Vinyl 10/Pk DL40BPR10

1993 Combustible Liquids USDOT Placard Removable Vinyl 10/Pk DL40BPR10


$ 31.98 

DOT Placards available in many variations. It€™s important to identify hazardous materials while in transport by marking with warning placards. Placards are 10-3/4" x 10-3/4" and must be on all four sides of the vehicle. Every placard includes the color, symbol, and name of the class into which the hazard falls. The numbers are displayed inside the placard or in an orange rectangle immediately below the placard. Need a placard that€™s more specific? Contact us today for a custom quote!

  • Model Number: DL40BPR10
  • 4-Digit Number: 1993
  • Placard Classification: 4-Digit Class 3 Flammable - Combustible Liquids
  • Size: 10.75" x 10.75"
  • Material: .004 Removable Adhesive Backed Vinyl
  • UOM: 10 Per Pack
  • Manufacturer: AccuformNMC

Removable Adhesive Backed Vinyl
All the same benefits as standard PSV but with a high performance removable adhesive that offers clean removability for up to 180 days. .004 material has pressure sensitive adhesive backing and is flexible, which allows for mounting on smooth, curved or irregular surfaces. The material is long-lasting for indoor and outdoor labeling.

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