Small Micro Lockout Center | MCLO1 | 1 Padlock | 10 Inches x 7 Inches | Center Is Stocked

Small Micro Lockout Center | MCLO1 | 10 Inch x 7 Inch | Not Stocked

National Marker Company

$ 114.87 

MCLO1 Small Micro Lockout Center communicate the importance of lockout safety while storing lockout tagout supplies all in the same place. This center will keep employees organized and in control of important and life saving equipment. Mount to the wall for easy access.

Small Kit Contains

  • (1) Center
  • (2) LOTAG1 Tags with fasteners
  • (1) 1 3/4€� Padlock
  • (1) Single pole breaker lockouts recessed hole
  • (1) Multipole breaker lockout

Availability: Usually Ships In 2 Days or Less

Manufacturer: National Marker Company

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