Stem Shield Protective Valve Cover, fits 6-7 In. Valve Stems | 7218

Stem Shield Protective Valve Cover, fits 6-7 In. Valve Stems | 7218

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SKU: 7218

Stem Shield protective valve coverings prevent injuries associated with industrial valve stems. Exposed valve stems are a OSHA-recognized workplace hazard, and serious injuries can be sustained if workers bump, graze, or ram into uncovered stems. The coverings are made in the USA with stainless steel attachments and chemically-resistant, waterproof, and flexible rubber foam cushioning. Installation takes only 30 seconds. Once installed, the covering cannot be accidentally dislodged, and does not inhibit normal operation. Model 7218 fits 6-7 inch valve stems.

Stem Shield protective valve coverings provide three forms of protection:

Worker Protection. Workers are protected from injuries associated with exposed valve stems (cuts, gouges broken ribs, concussions, facial trauma, impalement, etc.). The brightly colored covering also increases awareness of potential hazards.
Valve Protection. The stems are protected from thread damage and workplace wear and tear. Stem Shield coverings also prevent debris from entering the yoke, tight wheels, and corrosion.
Lubricant Protection. The lubrication needed to keep stems operational is protected from the elements and debris, which causes wheels to tighten up and become difficult to turn. Lubricant runoff is also eliminated.