Universal Plug/Forklift/Cylinder Lockout | 7294

Universal Plug/Forklift/Cylinder Lockout | 7294

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SKU: 7294

7294 Universal Plug/Forklift/Cylinder lockout device performs several critical lockout functions, including plug, forklift, and gas cylinder lockout. The device is made in the USA from recycled plastic, and measures 7.25€�L x 4.25€�W x 3€�H. Recycled materials support LEED credits and sustainability initiatives. Applications include:

Gas Cylinder Shutoff Valves

Plug Lockouts:

120 volt plug
250 volt-sp plug
15-50 Amp 3P Plug
Forklift Lockouts:

Electric Driven Forklifts

Battery Plug 50-250 Amp
Starter Battery Negative (-) Terminal
Propane Driven Forklifts

LP Gas Cylinder Shutoff Valve
LP Gas Tank Coupling