Galvanized Steel Sign Material

Galvanized steel resists rust and corrosion. Zinc is permanently-bonded in coated layers onto the steel surface to add durability and long-life cycle to custom steel sign, while reducing maintenance requirements. Use a custom galvanized steel signs for outdoor, marine, and other industrial applications. Steel withstands harsh elements and abusive conditions. It is guaranteed for 5 years. Changeable magnetic signs or labels can be used with galvanized steel.

Galvanized Steel Sign Material |

    Key Features:

    • Signs are protected by Sign Muscle™
    • Galvanizing protects the steel from corrosion
    • Use in splash and other wet situations
    • Withstands outdoor environmental conditions
    • Metal strength adds toughness
    • Service temperature range: -40° to 250°F
    • Rounded corners with 3/16" mounting holes on most sizes, will be adjusted for larger sizes
    • Post-mount or other hole placements and sizes are available upon request