Lumi-Glow™ Plus+ Flex

Lumi-Glow™ Plus+ Flex is a long-lasting glow-in-the dark custom sign material available from AccuformNMC. Lumi-Glow™ Plus+ Flex charges rapidly under any light source. Lumi-Glow™ Plus+ Flex exceeds the safety standards, features, and benefits of safety grade photo-luminescent markings. Additionally, Lumi-Glow™ Plus+ Flex meets APTA standards (Low location exit path markings and emergency signage for passenger rail equipment). This custom sign material is guaranteed for 5 years. 

Exceeds the Standard Specifications for Photo-luminescent Safety Markings.

Lumi-Glow™ Plus+ Flex Sign Material |

Key Features:

  • Printed on flexible 10-mil photo-luminescent vinyl with UV protective coating
  • Resists abrasions, moisture, and chemical splash
  • Withstands UV light for use outdoors
  • Service temperature range: -20° to 125°F